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Insurance exists for a reason. The general idea behind it is to ensure that our items are properly replaced or compensated for in the event something goes wrong. The ‘thing’ that goes wrong could be classified in many different ways. For example your house may burn down as a result of an electrical short, or the roof could cave during a tropical storm for a plethora of different reasons. There is no telling just what might go wrong in your life, but the most important thing, is that you have some way to recover from it. In some ways you can think of homeowner’s insurance as a ‘reset’ button. Though you might have suffered severe damage, as long as there was no loss of life, there is no reason that you cannot simply go back the way things were before the incident. By calling your insurance company you can receive compensation and have your home rebuilt to the way it was before. In addition to that, many of your personal items may be replaced outright, so long as they are not entirely unique. Sometimes, however, you will need to actually put a monetary value on the things you love the most, even if it sounds difficult.

Most of the time, your insurance company will cover your losses, but there are the rare occasions when you need to call upon a third party to mediate the situation for you. What do we mean by this exactly? Quite simply put, the insurance company may be wrong or outright negligent. This should not change your opinion of the insurance company as a whole, however, as some incidents simply happen on the individual level and can be corrected. All you need to do is call in the proper mediation. In many states, Florida included, you are free to call upon a Palm Beach Gardens public adjuster who will perform certain actions to help you get the resolution and financial backing you need to set things right.

What is a Palm Beach Gardens Public Adjuster?

The typical Palm Beach Gardens public adjusters will perform a few very specific tasks. First of all, they evaluate the existing policy to determine what coverage is applicable in the claim. They will then perform the proper research and examine the damage to the building or contents. Once they determine the actual damage to the structure, they will prepare a document to support the claim on the behalf of the insured individual. In addition to that, it will be up to the adjustor to negotiate a proper settlement with the insurance company.

Now there are times when it is more difficult to reach the proper settlement, especially if the claim has already been settled. In the event this has happened, it will be up to the adjustor to re-open the claim and negotiate for additional funds. In this case it may be necessary to take the case to court, depending on how compliant the insurance company is willing to be. Still, so long as you have a legitimate case, you are likely to reach a favorable outcome.

Simplifying the Matter

Palm Beach Gardens public adjustors will help the client to understand the issues surrounding their claim by explaining the meanings of certain terms. It should be noted that terms like ‘collapse’ or ‘partial collapse’ might actually have a different meaning in legal terms than they do in everyday use. In addition to that, these terms all have regulations attached to them, meaning you absolutely need to have a public adjustor on hand to help keep you apprised of your situation. When it comes to these claims, the situation is always in flux, but a good adjustor is well versed in not only the terminology, but also the laws surrounding it. In other words, your public adjustor will serve as a sort of translator, ensuring that you have the law on your side when it comes to getting the adjustment you deserve.

Does it Make a Difference?

The big question surrounding these issues is whether or not hiring a Palm Beach Gardens public adjuster is actually worth the time and effort. In other words, does it really made a difference? The answer is actually a resounding yes, believe it or not. If you take a  look at our website, you will find a brief chart detailing some of the settlements we have managed to obtain over the years for our clients. These amounts are not trivial. In fact, sometimes the difference can be several thousand dollars, and that is money you can put toward rebuilding your life. That being said, this is one opportunity that you simply do not want to miss.

Don’t delay! The longer you wait, the lesser the chance of you obtaining a correction to your settlement. When it comes to getting the financing you need to rebuild your life, you should not be shy or timid about it. You pay the insurance company for a reason, and when the time comes, it is important that they pay the funds that they owe you. Don’t let your case slip through the cracks, make the call today so that tomorrow will be a better place.

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