Four Important Factors When Receiving Services from Public Adjusters

If you’ve ever had to file an insurance claim after a disaster has taken place, or you’re in the process of filing one. You understand how stressful and messy the entire process can be. It seems like a big hassle when you’re dealing with the insurance company in order to get the money you need to take care of the disaster, and it’s one of the main reasons people hire a public adjuster in Palm Beach Gardens to help them file an insurance claim.

In a nutshell, a public adjuster is an insurance claims specialist who works with the homeowner in order to asses the damage done to the home and how much it would cost to repair the damage. They also interpret the homeowner’s policy in order to negotiate with the insurance company for the homeowner until an agreement is reached on the claim.

There are a few important factors to keep in mind when receiving services from a public adjuster in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

1) How Can You Tell When You need a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is experienced at what they do. Knowing when you should hire the services of one can be hard for some people to determine. Do you hire an adjuster each time you have to file a claim? Or is there a requirement on how much damage has been done to your home before you hire one?

If the estimate of your losses are $10,00 or more, is when it’s usually the best time to hire a public adjuster. A good public adjuster will answer your questions, return your calls, and make sure there are no damages left off of your claim.

2) A Free Evaluation Can Sometimes Determine if Your Claim Can be Settled or Not

Finding the best public adjuster to file your insurance claim can be tough. If a public adjuster does offer a free evaluation, it not only shows confidence in their own work. Most of the time they know exactly what they’re doing and have experience in the field. A free evaluation can help them to determine about how much they may be able to get back for you on a claim. In some cases if they are unable to settle your claim. The public adjuster does not charge the client.

3) Don’t Expect a Miracle for Your Insurance Claim

The job of a public adjuster is to assess the losses the homeowner suffers and to get back as much money as they can on the claim. They negotiate with the insurance company and review the homeowner’s policy as well to check out the loopholes in the policy. While a good public adjuster will do everything they can to make sure the homeowner gets as much money as they deserve out of an insurance claim. They still have to negotiate with the with the insurance company.

Many times an insurance company will not agree with everything the homeowner wants. The public adjuster can do everything they can, but sometimes there is not always a huge payout for the homeowner in question. There is also the factor that hiring a public adjuster to negotiate an insurance claim for the homeowner will be profitable for either party. There is no guarantee for the homeowner they will receive more money by hiring an adjuster if they hire a public adjuster.

Public adjusters also come at a cost too. On average they usually require payment of about 10 – 20% the amount of the claim you receive from the insurance company too. On the other hand on average people who do go with a public adjuster can usually receive a higher settlement versus people who do not.

4) Hiring a Public Adjuster? Good Results Take Time (In some cases)

In some cases though, the process of filing a claim can be slowed down due to some disagreements with the insurance company. Some homeowners decide not to contact a public adjuster until they begin to have issues with the insurance company’s adjuster that was assigned to them. When a homeowner hires their own adjuster to deal with filing the insurance claim, the process can take an additional 30 to 60 days to process. This is because the public adjuster has to go back to the claim, renegotiate, and revisit what’s already been done by the adjuster before them.

Homeowners do need to keep in mind a public adjuster will usually need access to a lot of information. Before filing an insurance claim, a homeowner should decide whether they want hire their own public adjuster ahead of time. This will save a lot of time for both parties and keep the process of filing the insurance claim nice and smooth.

The Palm Beach Gardens public adjusters are some of the best in the business. They offer free evaluations for their clients, and in the even they are unable to win an insurance claim for a client. They will not charge for their services. They have helped many clients to claim higher settlements when it comes to their claims. They are highly trained, licensed professionals who pour over every small detail when it comes to getting the most money of a claim. They’re the best in the business and will get as much money as they can for a client when it comes to their insurance claim.


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